sábado, 2 de julho de 2011

Inside Revolution

I hope that I can live in this world with my peace, listening my heart and acting as I belive is the better way, being happy, making my part and learning every day with my experiences and my relations, and the same way, I hope I can use my courage, my mind, my words and actions to "figth", to try put togetter the positive souls, the lovers, the dreamers to make our reality with more justice and dignified, with more supply, more trade, more equality and mutual respect. I HOPE to live lightly and strong!

I wish to clearly know the difference between things of value and importance ... knowing when to act is helpful and when is ignorance ... I wish I could change what is within my reach with my love and energy, and accept with faith and tranquility that only time and intent may be responsible ...

I want to live my life in peace with my conscience, without going over anything or anyone, without violence or malfeasance, without removing the other to get to me, without forgetting that we are all one, all brothers, all part of nature and therefore not want any personal achievementor ideology can be a reason or justification for such acts...



And we all need HOPE and FAITH.

One friend said other day: "Verbal conflicts are a wast of words". And I belive really is, almost all the time. But I want belive that we can use this words to try to share good thinkings and fellings, and I hope that someone can be touched, reflect and make good use of words with good intentions.

Sometimes I think about my spiritual side, and I reflect about accepting everything the way it is ... believing that things happen as they should...

but at the same time I believe that we have to be what we are naturally, but always within us seeking self-knowledge and with it naturally seek to be better people, contributing to a common good, where everyone, including ourselves are included.

In our time in this world we see with the eyes only, because just few can actually SEE beyond the vision, we realize that most people lost their real natural in front of so many external influences, stimuli, oppression, authoritarianism, traumas, weaknesses and fears. Therefore, I believe the spiritual quest is more necessary. The search for ourselves from such chaos. The search for the purest essence, with bare feet, for remembering our

origin and the real reason for our existence.

Realizing that there is no reason to justify the wars and injustices that we see watching over the history of mankind. Unless vanity,fear, illusion and desire blinded by false power.

Love is hope. And the path/way will always be peace.

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